Technology Advances On The Modern World Essay

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As technology advances in the modern world, devices and tools we use daily begin to become “smarter”. Cellphones are faster, computers are smaller and lighter, and vehicles are becoming more of devices than machines. With this uprising of technology brings a new industry in the automotive field. In the past 20 years vehicle technology has skyrocketed as computer systems are implemented to the motors and cabins of cars. The once oil burning, noisy, and computer free engines have been pushed to the way side as computer driven ignition and self diagnostics systems solve past problems in primitive motors. In the coming 5 years we will see WiFi technology, touch screen services, Bluetooth, lane departure warnings, heads up displays and all angle cameras implemented in nearly every vehicle being manufactured in the United States. The search for a viable alternative for gasoline is also rapidly developing as electric cars, more powerful than the average consumer car and that have just as far of a range as one tank of gas are coming into large production plans. Some say cars are becoming so far advanced, you will need an IT professional before a mechanic.

In recent years, a California based company named Tesla has become a major leader in the automotive industry. They create high end fully electric vehicles that are capable of some revolutionary things. Their goal is simple. Create luxurious yet affordable electrics cars that can be driven by the regular consumer yet still

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