Technology Affect Sports

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Technology has changed in last years and it is everyday improving, being adapted to the necessities of people. Sport around the world is important due to the fact that technology in sports has evolved over the years and change the way that everybody sees it nowadays. Clearly, this situation has allowed that increase the performance of athletes in training or developing equipment that help them to be more competitive. However, this technology is not available for all countries because, it will require financial resources from companies or people like stakeholders to invest in this. Although some critic are disagree, there is some evidence that the consequence of technology will be positive for society. One advantage of technology in…show more content…
Comparison of electronic “pad timing” and accelerometer times has produced results with a typical error (precision ±0.1 seconds)” (James). These devices have are used by many athletes from diverse sports such as swimming, running, snowboarding, cricket and walking, so it is a fact that innovative solutions have already helped athletes around the world. In particular, when the technology has been introduced for clothes, shoes and equipment while their application the increased performance. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Jason Lezak became famous because of his gold medals and he wore the LZR Racer Swimsuit which was designed by the recognized and popular sport’s clothes of company Speedo. “These new suits use a plastic-like material to make the swimmer's surface slicker and smoother, more like the hull of a boat or the skin of a fish” (Luebbers ). On the other hand, the use of technology in sports facilities and equipment is generally an expensive purpose. When it can be available only for some countries. The principal difficulty is the conflict of interest between stakeholders, because it presents a return of investment with high percentage of reward (Rosandich). Some critics of technological advantages applied to sports as mentioned before, that it is limited to the countries which can afford the price. For example, in the 2008 Olympic Games in Medal some top GDP (Gross
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