Technology Affecting Family

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1.Introduction "Technology is part of everyday life, and it can easily mediate or even replace other types of experiences. C.P. Snow once said, “[It] is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” (Technology-The Great Enabler, 2003) As we dissect Snow’s observation it is very evident in the world we live in works because of technology. Looking at a few examples like, work, school, media and all of our hobbies are technology related. By the help of technology, a message can be delivered from one side of the planet to the other in no time. Contrastingly, technology can also destroy the planet and its living beings by the use of one powerful nuclear weapon. The rapid increase in…show more content…
For children, these sites have become very addictive. The day starts off by checking their profile to check their messages, blogs, readings, horoscopes and to, keep up with events such as marriage’s and graduations. Social networking is an excellent way of teaching young children families’ cultures and traditions. These marriage and graduation events have prompted 29 million parents to join in as well. (O’Dell,2011) Alisa Almas, a University of Toronto graduate student and a Facebook user, says, “Kids who have had a great relationship with their parents in real life volunteer information about their private and social world, and would more likely be on Face book.” (Kobayashi ,2011) Social networking has allowed family members to reconnect with friends, nuclear and extended family. Social networking has increased communication, and strengthened relationships. Social networking sites allow for creative expression in a new medium. They provide free messaging, blogging, photo storage, games, event invitations, and many other services to Social networking sites bring people with common interests together, and keep in touch at all times with relatives and friends .(Andrew,2009,p.342) Through social networking many teenagers have overcome with their social anxieties. 59% of students with access to the Internet report that they use social networking sites to discuss educational topics
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