Technology : An Indulgence Of Technology

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I wake up using electricity. My phone is my alarm that wakes me up in the morning. I do not know how I would be able to wake up for classes if I did not have some type of electricity (my phone, an alarm clock, etc.) to wake me up. Electricity is a commodity that has become essential to humanity. It is used across the globe and has an innumerable amount of applications. People use electricity constantly, whether it be something as trivial as playing a game on a phone or something more severe, like a doctor measuring a person’s heart rate through a cardiac monitor. There is no question that electricity is deeply imbedded in our culture, but what would my life be like without it? If it weren’t for electricity, my quality of life would be far worse. Not only would many of the luxuries that I have grown accustomed to become obsolete, but numerous modern necessities would no longer be available as well. I would ultimately have to adapt to a more unrefined lifestyle.
Technology is an indulgence that makes for a great source of entertainment in addition to being a key component in making me go through my day to day life as efficiently as possible. For most Americans, myself included, their phone is their alarm, camera, personal planner, and media source. It is no question that the internet is extremely important to teens and a lack there of would affect them greatly. For a wide number of these teens, being stripped of their phones would be disastrous. Teens today depend
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