Technology And Artificial Intelligence

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The production of technology has come a long way over the past few decades and is changing everything society knows. New advances in technology and artificial intelligence have been implemented all over the world, and it is becoming more and more evident every day. The consequences are becoming apparent, and yet societies continue to focus their attention primarily on new inventions and improvements to various forms of technology. There are common misconceptions when it comes to developing advanced technology and artificial intelligence. The topic is highly controversial as society must decide whether the production of artificial intelligence be accelerated or delayed. Additionally, how much should the government be involved in regulating artificial intelligence production. Society is already beginning to experience detrimental consequences as production continues to advance beyond control. Technology changes us and causes us to act more selfishly and ignore the harms that come with these advances. This idea is relevant not only in society today, but additionally in the works of The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and The Gernsback Continuum by William Gibson. When it comes to the debate on whether to accelerate or delay the production of artificial intelligence, the potential harms considerably outweigh the benefits, making it advised to be precautious and delay to prevent society from becoming corrupted by new advances in technology. Artificial intelligence is the development of
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