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Technology and Children My mom would always tell me stories about how she would spend a countless number of hours outside with her friends. When it was time to come home, her mom would stand in the front yard and whistle as loud as she could and my mom would come running home from the park which was four blocks away. She always encourages my siblings and I to get out of the house and be kids. My mother always tells me you can only be a kid once. Nowadays, kids do not go out nearly as much as they used to back then. Can we blame this on growing technology? Ever since phones, tablets, television, and computers have become popular, less and less kids are found outside. Sadly, kids are more attracted to a screen that messes up their eyes than going out and playing with their friends; Instead of talking face to face, they facetime. I blame parents for getting their children these devices at such a young age. I did not get my first phone until I graduated eighth grade and I appreciate it because I was able to truly live my childhood. The newly developed technology of today slows down the development of the brains of our children. Most kids of our generation can’t even stay off their phones during class. Maybe if they weren’t on their phones than they’d actually find the education interesting. After they get home from school, they aren’t doing their homework. A high amount of kids use technology instead of doing homework and nowadays they do their homework by getting the answers
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