Technology And Counseling Services And The Code Of Ethics

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Technology has been increasingly adopted in counseling services impacting on the field immensely. Counselors use various forms of technology to communicate with their clients, offer their counseling services, educate clients and do clinical supervision. The various forms of technology used in communication by counselors and their clients include telephone, social media, emails, videoconferencing, text messages among others. The aim of this paper is to study the implications of use of technology in counseling services and all the parties involved. We seek to understand how various forms of technology are used by counselors in offering the counseling services to their clients considering the code of ethics set and their effectiveness. In this paper, we identify the effectiveness of various forms of technology used in counseling services and the code of ethics relevant to their use. We also identify strategies and techniques we can implement to increase their effectiveness and efficiency in offering quality counseling services to clients.
The chapter presents a discussion about use of technology in counseling and its implications on people and the counseling process. Recent technology advances have contributed immensely to the counseling process. Many counsellors have increasingly adopted technology in their profession for communication. However, it is important they adhere to ethical standards set especially 2014 ACA code of ethics while using various forms…
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