Technology And Course Design : The 21st Century

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Technology and Course Design
The 21st century is a cultivated landscape of easily accessible information and rapid technological change requires a new kind of learning environment (Hase & Kenyon, 2000). Heutagogy easily fits into distance education systems as the self-directed, autonomous student has the potential to thrive in an online learning environment (Blaschke, 2012). As Ackoff and Greenberg (2008) noted, “humans are hijacked very early in life by an educational system that was designed in the industrial revolution to educate workers to make the industrial wheel go round” (as cited in Hase & Kenyon, 2015). The outdated view of education as a product that is created by scholars that can only be delivered by experts (Eberle, 2009) deters advancement of the learning process. The massive amount of information that is available to humans on a daily basis and throughout every area of their lives requires self-directed, motivated, organized, and strategic learners (Bacon & MacKinnon, 2014) who hold the capacity to parse for relevant information. As Swan (2010) puts it, “the growth of the [world wide web] provides educators with the opportunity [to] change their pedagogical focus from the transmission of knowledge to one enabling students both to make sense of an overabundance of information and to use it to generate knowledge themselves” (p. 111).

Negative views of online classroom structure rightly point out difficulties in the learning experience when face to face
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