Technology And Design Of The Kodak Camera

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Introduction A camera can simply be described as an imaging device or a tool used to record images in form of a film, photograph or video (Paul, Bon and Benjamin, 2014). As a passionate photographer, I carry a camera wherever I go since I believe there is always something special to capture; an emotion, a beautiful creation or a unique event. The Kodak camera is my favorite brand. Every year, the Kodak Company releases a better lensed camera featuring better technology and design. In the process, there is always the need to replace my device with one that can perform better an effectively. By replacing an older version, I always had to trash the older one in my room. This called for a better trashing method since these gadgets would crowd…show more content…
I would adjust the my father’s collar before he left the house, note the stain on my mother’s cutlery, the sweat rolling down my friend’s face during the cycling competitions and even the splashing droplets whenever it rained. At this point, the Kodak 35 I had received from my father as a gift during my eighth birthday was no longer effective. I needed an upgrade and therefore decided to conduct an online research for one that would perform better. During my research, I made two conflicting realizations. First, the Kodak Company had begun developing digital cameras but the company was also facing the risk of bankruptcy due to low sales. Nonetheless, I was able to upgrade to the Kodak DC25 digital camera. Although it came at a high price, it was an opportunity to improve the quality of my pictures. By the time I was getting to my middle teenage years, I had used four different types of cameras. Out of the three cameras, two were Kodak (already mentioned) while the rest were the Canon IXY Digital and the Nikon Coolpix 2000. All these were quality brands that took my photography skills to a higher level. Today, there are more advance versions of each brand. With increasing completion among the camera manufacturers, it may be difficult to settle for a specific camera. Whenever I want to buy a camera, I analyze the camera resolution and durability. Today, I use the Kodak AZ362 which
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