Technology And Education For Public Health Practice, Research, And Learning

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Technology and Education has interested me for years, it also plays a big part in our everyday lives. Technology and Education is only a small part of the many opportunities that it brings to one’s life, making it possible for all age groups to per take in a world with the touch of one’s finger tips. Technology has educated our children in more ways than one; by making our children more stimulated in learning, increase one’s self esteem, and open one’s mind to endless possibility. “Public healthcare professionals use computer technology to support public health practice, research, and learning” (Burke. Weill. 2009. P.23) we all must take note and embrace what’s yet to come. Years ago, I would have never thought that the black board would be a thing of the past or even taking college course in my own home would even be possible, classes that one can take on one’s own time in one’s own home. What a “Blessing”! Technology and Education has made learning and getting a college degree much easier and cheaper for everyone to further one’s education not only this but also healthcare is at the push of a button. One can order medication on line along with endless other things. Children are learning and opening up with the uses of a computer far better now than in the past. Shy children are actively interacting more and becoming motivated to learn, since technology has been introduced into the classroom, making two and three year old children technology savvy. Who would have
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