Technology And High Tech Technology

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Technology has played an integral role in our everyday life. It can increase efficiency at work, improve the quality of life, and serves as a helpful tool that allows us to accomplish many tasks that we might not be able to otherwise. It has found its way into nearly everyone’s home in various forms such as: a computer, medical equipment, and security system. Some people might even go as far as claiming that they cannot live without it. When parents hear of “technology” in the classroom, they immediately think of electronics. However, technology is separated into two classifications in the classroom: low-tech learning technology and high-tech learning technology. Low-tech technology has been used for many decades in school and include: pencil grips, highlighters, flashcards, and additional outlined worksheets and concept maps. High-tech assistive technology refers to items such as computers, multimedia software, and other electronic-based programs (Bouck, Maeda, & Flanagan, 2012). An increasing number of schools are incorporating technology into their curriculum. This also extends to students who require special education. Technology is often sought out to help with the facilitation of instruction in the field of special education. However, there are still many moving parts and changing roles. While it might seem obvious to implement technology wherever possible, there are some overlooked factors and concerns that are not as apparent. The purpose of this paper is to reveal
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