Technology And Human Freedom In Doctorow's Little Brother

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With technology playing a huge role in the novel, Little Brother by Doctorow, San Francisco seems to be turning into a dystopian society, leading to the decline of human freedom. Doctorow’s view on technology is strong to a certain extent displaying how the misuses of technology can harm the human race. In the novel, the issues of technology and human freedom are widely discussed in a way that shows how technology takes away human rights by the use of face recognition, codes, and other means.
Doctorow illustrates how face recognitions is unconstitutional in the high school so they then lean towards using gait-recognition cameras. “As far as I know, no court has yet determined whether these gait-cams are any more legal, but until they do we’re stuck with them” though these
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We allow them to see it but when the government starts to question something we use the card of “I have the right to privacy”. If there is reasonable cause they should be able to question and search as much as they need to. When Marcus’ right to privacy is in a way taken away when the DHS takes him in for questioning, but they do have a cause Marcus just doesn’t know what it is. Many people hack and code but these things usually never harm anyone but they could be seen as a threat. Maybe Marcus isn’t a terrorist maybe the Department of Homeland Security is just violating his right. Though this could be true he gives them reasons into making him suspicious with flash drive, cell phone, and many other things. “How many 9/11s do you want to suffer before you’re willing to cooperate?” (Doctorow 64) This one little sentence is true, all anyone has to do is cooperate and they will be let free. Only thing is you’re a marked man once this happens and the DHS is watching even better there goes any of your privacy
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