Technology And Its Benefits For Students Learning Essay

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Technology is becoming increasingly important in everyday life, however; many believe that technology in education is lagging behind other key sectors important to society. The science curriculum is based on the Te Kete Ipurangi which outlines the guidelines for New Zealand curriculum. The importance of chemistry is that students should be able to make connections between concepts of chemistry and their applications and show an understanding of the role chemistry plays in the world around them. This research aims to develop a database for teachers to consult and develop uses for technology for different unit standards. This research will examine whether technology is being used to its full potential in science classrooms. The issue many believe in today’s education system in New Zealand is that it is too prescribed and does not allow flexibility in pedagogy and students learning. Because of this, many teachers are sticking to a pen and paper rather than a stylus and a tablet. The research will focus on whether technology-based classrooms are having positive outcomes for students learning and results or whether technology is a distraction and takes the focus away from the true science that is being learnt. The aim of the project is to create a database for the different uses of technology in a science classroom for teachers to access to develop a wider range of pedagogical methods. This project will focus on two unit standards in NCEA. This first is for level one students
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