Technology And Its Effect On Children

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In today 's world, it is not uncommon to see children using technology. In fact, just about everywhere you venture you are likely notice a child with an iPhone, or a tablet. Within the last five years’ elementary schools have been depending more on technology such as computers, and tablets for learning, compared to 10 years ago when everything was teacher taught and the closest form of technology found in the classroom happened to be a projector. The fact that there was little use of technology in elementary schools when today 's adults were growing up could sure-enough be the reason that many adults are skeptical when it comes to the use of electronics in elementary school. Many adults will say that children stay on the computers too much, and that it isn’t healthy for them. Another reason adults could be hesitant to accept that technology is an important key to learning is the fact that some children have learning disabilities and could struggle when learning from a computer. Adults will also point out that not every child has access to a computer at home to complete at home assignments. However the purpose of technology in elementary school is there to enhance and broaden the educational process not to hinder it. In elementary schools today we see the use of technology go up every year. Schools are becoming more dependent on electronics for learning purposes. Adults could be becoming skeptical of the use of technology because children are on them quite often at home.
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