Technology And Its Effect On Human Interaction

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Albert Einstein once exclaimed, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.” His brilliance shows in today’s era since now, technology predominates ordinary functions and paralyzes the ability for humans to ponder and generate originality. Not one individual is thus required to rigorously search for information or create ideas that are not simply available on the world web. This excessive attachment to the devices that deliver access to such a broad spectrum of information is evidently destroying human potential to excel within the realms of communication and etc. Smartphones, in particular, spark significant concern since they are portable electronic devices with the functionality of numerous gadgets combined. Researchers are concerned about the tendency of people to merely replace experiences in reality with those of the virtual world within their phones. This matter holds relevance within today’s society since a notable percentage of humans own smartphones and the activities which they participate in with the device stretches from photography to games and to mere pastime rituals. Although technology allows innovation and is dire to numerous practices that benefit humanity; excessive dependence can cripple society in ways that include communicative disability and mental disorders that can thrive in effect to such an attachment. Technological breakthroughs have allowed humanity to thrive in methods that prior generations believed impossible. The
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