Technology And Its Effect On Information Crimes

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With the widespread growth of technology, application security is increasingly becoming more and more popular. This growth has a direct effect on information crimes, which are being conducted in new and changing ways. Understanding the issues surrounding information crimes and providing simple but effective security models are key. As developers attempt to keep up with this widespread growth, proper security implementation can sometimes slip through the cracks. Insecure applications can cause serious information security and data privacy issues causing severe repercussions on users and organizations alike. To protect against these attacks, IT professionals need to properly understand some of the basics including cross site scripting, directory traversal, SQL injection, mobile code, and buffer overflow. Cross site scripting refers to an injection attack that allows an attacker to execute malicious scripts into a legitimate website or website application. This is the among the most widespread of web application vulnerabilities and typically occurs when a web application uses unvalidated or unencoded user input within the output in generates. The process starts when an attacker finds a way to inject a script into a web page that the victim visits, or is convinced to visit. The vulnerable website needs to include user input in its pages so the attacker can insert a string that will be used within the web page and treated as code by the victim’s browser. When the web page…
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