Technology And Its Effect On Society

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Technology plays an essential part in our lives today and few can imagine living without it in this current generation. None can deny that the existence of these technology has dramatically changed society. Endless number of people across the world use and benefit from modern technology and the tremendous opportunities it provides plays a significant role in almost all fields of human life such as communication, transportation and healthcare. A quote "living without technology is like living without air" describes modern society 's dependency in technology. Though technology has its perks and wonders, it does have its drawbacks as well. It negatively affects society and complicated life in different ways. However, love or hate technology, we could not deny that technology affects the way we communicate, work efficiency and in medical field and it will continue to do more in the future. Firstly, communication has never been as efficient as it is in this era. The younger generations today, like many other previous generations, seeks to change the world and make it better and more comfortable place to live. Therefore, comes the World Wide Web or simply triple 'w ' to put the world 's knowledge right into our palm of hands. Information is all in the internet whether it is a comment, social post, opinion, counter opinion, reportage or propaganda. Education has also took another hit by relying more on technology than in the past with introduction of e-books, face-to-face…
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