Technology And Its Effect On Society

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Technology has become a large part of everyday lives and supposedly has made life easier, but has it gone too far as to completely transform traditional society? Technology has done wonders in the world, allowing millions of people to connect and interact no matter how far away they may be. While this advancement in technology is amazing, individuals in this generation have developed a dependence on social media and other forms of communication as a result. Technological advancements from the past couple of years have greatly altered society in both positive and negative ways. Technology plays a large role in enhancing society and allowing it to prosper; however, it also has large negative impacts on social interactions, education, and society as as whole. Technology has had positive effects on humanity by facilitating tasks and improving the overall quality of life, however, these improvements have caused some difficulties that were once nonexistent.With the rapid advance of technology in society,“technology offers the ability to both radically advance and forever destroy human society”(“Technology and Society”). Researchers worldwide have begun to debate whether or not society was better off prior to the introduction of technology. Greater efficiency has come as a result of the increases in technology. New abilities from these technologies have paved the way for advancements in medicine and many other fields (“Technology and Society”). Medical advancements have…
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