Technology And Its Effect On Society

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Ever since the evolution of technology has evolved there have been numerous incidents from good to bad with murders, cyber bullying, threats, and interacting with new people. Laws have been passed for multiple reasons due to the inclement amounts of violent behaviors through technology as it has became more revolutionized. Many people have thoughts that technology is out of control with fatalities, and cyber bullying becoming such a problem for children, and even adults. Also in addition many other groups of people agree with technology because it has become easier, and easier to contact family, friends or even search the web with a smart phone in your hand. Technology has become a great way to contact with family or friends but has made a horrific impact on those who have not matured enough for the extremely destructible path that awaits them. Society is the start of a social realm which gives the appreciation for behaviors that defines and represents all people. Throughout today’s technology social media has been able to make a positive effect on people or even a negative effect. These situations have become extreme depending on what you are dealing with. Technology has created many different things in our society that has made a significant impact on people lives from cyber bullying, to gaining weight from becoming lazy due to the fact that modern day technology has become addicting. Nelson 2 “Older and Newer Media” written by Jane Brown translates to us that the new
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