Technology And Its Effect On Society

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Increasing standard of living when it comes to a countries population would seem to solve problems, people would not have to worry about contaminates in their water and not worry about what they breathe or eat. In order to achieve this, it would require more regulations and money to make sure these standards are in effect so that people and corporations would follow these solutions to pollution. This would not solve issues completely as people would still be exposed to other forms of bacteria or infections and would require us to create a breakthrough to fix these medical problems.
In order to fix these issues, we need to create new technology, which requires energy, and to create energy we need to create it. Therefore we need to cause some pollution in order to grow and survive. Societies grow and to expand through the use of technology. In order to understand what effects technology will have it must be studied over various scenarios and this requires education and knowledge. This knowledge allows for new technologies to be created to help others, sometimes we might not realise what harms they may cause at first and we will have to fix them later. Older generations cause the problems while younger generations need to find way to fix them.
In the past corporations and people often looked at the short term, where they look for the easier routes to get to where they want to go. As new technology is created we learn about how certain actions may cause other affects in their
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