Technology And Its Effect On Society

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Teenagers in this digital era are introduced to unprecedented amount of information about the ideal body through the use of the internet, which portrays this image through advertising, music videos, and celebrity social media accounts. With the introduction of connected technology, teen’s lust over a body that has most likely been photo-shopped and may be almost impossible to obtain. In other words, Photoshop sucks.
Photoshop is a way of hiding a realistic image, converting it into a false idea of a perfect picture. This causes for people to believe on something that is not real, and causing further problems and conflicts with one another in the way that society has created image on, what is supposed to look and be perfect. “The introduction of digital photography along with image-manipulating programs like Photoshop has meant that photography’s intimate ties with truth and reality have been more explicitly into question.” (Attwood 21-22) Photography used to be a way of holding onto a happy, sad, exciting, etc. memory. Now it is hard for the public eye to see what it is real and what is not. Photoshop has been manipulative towards many young women, because for the different things that is used. One of them is to shrink a women’s waist to make her seem slim, and also as enhancing inner thighs, creating a false image. This can affect many subconsciously and make them try to do anything as starving themselves, going into surgeries, just so they can look like that false

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