Technology And Its Effect On Society

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In today’s day, technology has literally evolved into everyone daily lives. The vast amount of information and capabilities now are endless in almost every aspect of life. More and more we are becoming dependent on it and it functioning for us. People now basically lose their minds if their internet connection goes down or they cannot access their Facebook account. Our daily errands from paying bills or going to the bank to depositing checks can now all be done by a snap of a picture or a click of a button. I think is it is absolutely incredible that you can now do all of your necessary shopping for things you want from sitting on your couch and next thing you know they will be at your doorstep with days, and now sometimes within hours. Now with all these great capabilities come the dark side. With all that positive stuff, there has to come the negative. Criminals have taken full advantage of these technological capabilities and used them in their benefit to commit crimes. These are crimes that can make almost anyone susceptible to becoming a victim. This is where cybercrime technology comes into play. Technology as noted has such a distinct relationship with criminal behavior in today’s times. It has been said that technology can be looked at as the vehicle for criminal activity. There has however been a new technological spin on existing criminal behavior. Criminal behavior can to be accompanied within the use of the following: spoken language, paper and pencil, the
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