Technology And Its Effect On Students Essay

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Technology, in and of itself, is great. Whether the technology is a computer or a smartphone, it is helpful to have. Now students do not have to rifle through multiple encyclopedias trying to find information; they can quickly search something up via the internet. It has made getting information easier than ever. With that being said, there are positives and negatives in technology, which will be explored. Technology, especially devices that can connect to the internet, when used correctly, is a useful tool to students, teachers, and can provide instantaneous information. However, in some cases, technology can quickly become detrimental to students and teachers and can hinder both groups, especially the students, if they cannot afford the technology. Though it may come as a surprise to some of their students, teachers are not all knowing. Sometimes, they do not have information, which is understandable, especially when students can be so precocious. For example, sometimes students ask questions better suited for someone who dedicated their life to learning quantum physics than their high school general physics teacher. While that physics teacher is thrilled that their student is engaged and interested in learning, they may not know how to answer their question. This is why technology, especially internet in this case, in the classroom is so convenient. The teacher now has the opportunity to either research the answer themselves, make it homework for the whole class, or tell
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