Technology And Its Effect On Students

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Introduction The subject of technology has become something of relevance because of the facilitated access that the student population to new technologies. Technology is integrated into many different activities, when looking at the student population it seen that the Internet is commonly used for research to obtain information. The integration of technology into learning environments is something that is commonly seen. The use of technology in schools such as computers and smartphones on a daily basis has become common for many different reasons, such as communication and educational purposes. Research has shown that technology, specifically computers and smartphones, can improve young adults academic outcome through technology incorporation into the learning environment. The use of other types of technology including software’s, Type II applications of information technology, and other tools could also be useful incorporations in young adults education. These types of technology allow online education; they create interaction between students and teachers. They have also allowed universities and colleges to offer online degrees. These tools, software and Type II applications, are available on computers and are accessible to anyone since they are often free to download. The integration of technology and teachers capable of understanding and educating students about the technology, as well as technological tools in classrooms are crucial in order to advance young adult
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