Technology And Its Effect On Students

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Over the past decade leading edge advancements in technology have brought many new ways for students to learn. All the hours in a day that young kids, teenagers, and even adults spend using some sort of technology device, it opens a whole new dimension of learning methods. Although technology has brought up concerns of whether it is really benefiting students or taking focus away from their studies. “What we’re labeling as ‘distraction,’ some see as a failure of adults to see how these kids process information,” Ms. Purcell said. “They’re not saying distraction is good but that the label of ‘distraction’ is a judgment of this generation.” (Richtel) Cell phones, tablets, and computers allow for students of all ages to find meaningful and entertaining ways to learn through the mobilization technology brings to the table. Technology has affected the way students learn by allowing for instant access to information, entirely online education, and interactive learning methods. In today’s day and age just about anywhere you go you have access to internet. Which allows for students to locate just about any source of information in a matter of seconds. Including the rise of web based research among students giving instant access to the sought after information, that use to take hours in a library. Especially with all the tech savvy phones people have you can find an app for just about anything to help with school work. Such as numerous search engines to a completely
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