Technology And Its Effect On Technology

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For me, the technology is just like a door which brings me to an absolutely new world. It is also like a wire that connects me and the outside world. The first thing that I do before getting up and the last thing that I do before going asleep is checking my cell phone. Every day, I do homework, write blogs, send and receive emails, take photos, know about the latest news, and chat with friends with the aid of technologies. My attitude toward technology is complex. I am obsessed with technology which makes my life more convenient, but I am also afraid of it because I find that I cannot cut it out.
My earliest interactions with technology were about video games. When I was young, there was a family computer that my parents bought for my brother. Most of the time, I watched my brother playing video games with it. When my brother went out, I was able to play it for a while. My favorite game was Super Mario. When playing the game, I used the controls to jump, run, and shoot a fireball, eating mushroom and flowers and defeating enemies. I felt that the whole word was under my control, which made me excited and confident. Although the gamepad as well as the game screen was not good at that time, the family computer and the video games brought lots of happiness for me.
When I was in junior high school, I began to take information technology classes. The course was an eye-opener for me. I learned much useful and practical computer knowledge and skills from the course, such as how
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