Technology And Its Effects On Human Anxiety

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Over the past decade, advancements in communication technology have rapidly surpassed our wildest dreams. A particular branch of communication technology known as smartphones, more specifically the iPhone, has encompassed all social demographics with its amazing capabilities. However, through the iPhone’s technical abilities merging with social dynamics creating a socio-technical ensemble; its portrayal in four different forms in the media, as well as becoming naturalized in society and its affects on human anxiety, it is evident that the iPhone has many helpful intended capabilities, but also un-conceived repercussions. When a new technology or an advancement is introduced into society, there is no doubt that it will in, some way, reconfigure social relations. In some ways the changes can be very beneficial, but not all changes are always intentional. Wiebe Bijker introduced the idea that “A machine is a Socio-Technical Ensemble” (Bijker,1993) which when broken down is a way of saying that all technology consists of social dynamics and practicable technology. An iPhone is a prime example of a socio-technical ensemble. The technical aspect of the iPhone lays within the engineers, how they designed it to be piece of technology which allows people to communicate, perform functions, and be a platform for applications. The social dynamics of the iPhone is created by people communicating using a device and utilizing the apps it offers. The engineers of the iPhone can be seen
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