Technology And Its Effects On Human Interaction Essay

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Members of society understand, or at least have heard someone in their lives say, technology is becoming a distraction to the human population rather than an advancement. As technology has progressed, it has increasingly become a larger and more intergraded part of our everyday lives. Americans think that technology is huge today, but technology will be even more advanced in several decades. There are some clear positives to technology, such as the ease of long distances communication and the accessibility of entertainment. Despite those useful aspects and many others, there are many people that think technology has a negative effect on human interaction. The main concern many people are discussing is whether technology has negatively affected how humans socially interact. If those concerns are truly a problem, how can society fix them without stopping the advancement in technology. The question asked by many professionals is if technology has inhibited human interact, more so looking at social interaction face to face. Society has gotten to a period where teenagers, or even young adults, have never experienced a time without technology. Todd Link, a writer for the Telegraph – Herald in Iowa, communicates in his article mainly about the effects of technology and what the older generations think in this technological era. “The older generation [is] venting frustration over the work habits, social skills and lack of face-to-face communication skills of other generations”
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