Technology And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

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Everyday technology is manipulated and used by many people around the world. Technology describes the usage of technical means to interact with life, society, and environment, through an electronic device that is applied by science. Many people are slowly becoming attached to technology and relying on more of these resources because it makes their life easier. However, technology is slowly hurting a ton of people by being smartphone dependent, reducing our communication skills and disabling people from being productive. Many people are dependent on their smartphones. First of all, various individuals who use these cell phones are regularly on it. These problems happen when people are giving their undivided attention to their smartphones which causes them to ignoring the people nearby and not paying attention to their surroundings while they are moving from one place to another. Additionally, smartphones are slowly transitioning to our life where everyone will have a need for them and rely on them for any problem that arises in their life. Smartphones are becoming more advanced with the limitless supply of better quality phones, accessibility to the Internet, different apps, and other entertainment. As a result, the numerous commodities present in the technological development of smartphones is a distraction to everyone who uses one. The evolution from the first cell phone called the handheld Motorola to the unbreakable Nokia then the flip phones and the making of the
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