Technology And Its Effects On Society

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We live in an era where technology is used in almost everything. The technology market keeps improving day by day and this has made people all around the world lazy and more importantly this has made a gigantic impact on their health. Technology changes people. The addiction to technology is enormous. Many do not have social lives. With the rapid growth of technology, there has been a debate on how people are using technology in their lives. Many people think that we are using too much technology in our day today life and is abusing the modern devices to make our lives much easier. According to what I have observed and experience, I believe people have people have become overly dependent on technology.
To begin with, it is not hard to recognize the connection between technology and people. The Internet or the World Wide Web and smart phones are used by people for almost every task nowadays, from buying groceries online to paying their bills with a click of a button. Take away these luxuries and people will have a hard time adjusting back to buying everything from retail outlets and having to go to registered businesses to pay their bills, or worse yet, having to mail a check to the billing companies. These advances in technology has made lives of the people much easier. From house cleaning robots to high-tech wearable smart accessories have made many lives easier, but making lives easier has caused many health issues. For example a person may have an intelligent house

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