Technology And Its Effects On Society Essay

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The world we live in is constantly changing and we often look back to see what have changed and whether it has done so for the better or for the worse. We learned from our past that there are several factors affecting the change we experience and some examples include natural, political, societal, economic, and technological factors. Particularly the technological one as it can be linked back to the others, and we can discover even more interdependencies when we try dissecting it and classify the components into different types of technology. If we attempt to illustrate the dependencies and interdependencies of all kinds of technology and its derivatives and join them with lines, we might be even more confused than when we have started. People in the past have relied very much on nature to sustain their livelihood; we made use of the environment around us and began our agricultural and pastoral activities as well as hunting and gathering. As time progresses, we came up with contraptions to aid our farming, rearing, and hunting activities, successfully reducing the manpower needed and at the same time increasing productivity. One example would be the evolution of the irrigation practices; from simple water diversion technique to the timed sprinklers we have today. These sprinklers are not only used in agriculture, but in golf courses, gardens and even in our backyards as well. It is interesting how the product of an idea originally intended to assist in our livelihood can be

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