Technology And Its Effects On Society

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In today 's society most people base their fear of crime on such things as theft, drug trafficking, or assault. These people do not realize that there is an ever growing problem today and, in fact, will be around as long as technology is increasing and the education per person of this growing tech is not as high as it should be. People are far more likely to be hacked than they are to be stolen from physically or mugged or shot. The reason for this being is that physical crimes such as break and enter, car theft, drug dealing and trafficking, assault, and petty theft are harder to accomplish a lot of the time and are a lot more risky and provide a larger chance to get caught and arrested. Whereas people could sit in there basement in their pajamas eating snacks and casually stealing hundreds of dollars without even moving and has a very slim chance of getting caught. The choice is quite, simple people want to take the easiest path to success. The people who are being targeted by these hackers are targeted and successfully attacked due to their lack of knowledge in technology and less carefulness while on the internet which provides the hacker or cybercriminals with an easy, vulnerable target for hackers and cybercriminals. People must become better educated to protect themselves from cybercrime.

Computer hacking has been around almost as long as the computers have, hacks were first started to allow shortcuts in the first computers so they could run faster,…
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