Technology And Its Effects On Society

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Technology Abuse Technology has rapidly increased over the past few years and has had a great impact on everyone in several ways. The impact of this applied science on people’s lifestyles has made several too dependent on technology. There needs to be a specific limit to technology that is reasonable but considerable for everyone. This new addiction is truly significant because this modern world of ours can have dangerous consequences that we are not aware of. In the past, many of the machines and gadgets available that are present now did not even exist and much was done by hand and hard work. The effects of technology vary from cyber crime to cost effectiveness. Sure it can be very helpful and cost worthy but can also cause anxiety and even death. The increasing of technology causes increased availability as well as communication. With all of the opportunities people have with technology, several still abuse the opportunity of making life easier to an extreme. A majority of the world relies on technology and do not see the situation is getting out of control and that ample of the use is not necessary. Humans are over-reliant on technology and in order to improve lives, people should reduce its use and return to a more simple way of being. Technology has been abused in several ways and the most effective reason would be the increase in obesity. Obesity is due to few or no physical activity, and the food we eat is not so much to blame for our increase in weight. The lack…
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