Technology And Its Effects On Technology Essay

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On the other hand, this total inclusion of and reliance on technology in the classroom has seemingly led students to become dependent on it. For example, when reviewing various writing assignments, Ms. I found that a vast majority of her students neglected to capitalize the word “I.” When asking her students about it, they stated that Microsoft Word often corrects their mistake so they grew accustomed to not having to worry about it since the technology they used always corrected it for them. However, Google Docs does not offer this “luxury,” and many students neglected to correct their errors because they assumed that it would be fixed for them. While this is only one example, this does show that the more we use and rely on technology, the more dependent we tend to become. This dependence isn’t necessarily an advantage, because once that technology is taken out of the picture, students would essentially be back to square one for they wouldn’t know how to complete a certain task without the help of technology. Furthermore, the fact that all classwork and projects are taking place on the computers robs students of the interpersonal relations and communication skills schools often provide. Instead of sitting in a group verbally discussing class concepts or lessons, students tend to communicate via a chat box in Google Classroom. When I observed students completing group work, they were all working away on their individual laptops in their own separate “zones,” barely speaking
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