Technology And Its Impact On Education

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Despite the fact that United States of America’s education program is a far stretch from futuristic in most districts; application of technology has undoubtedly showed itself to be a critical factor in most high performing schools. Technology not only improves the learning environment to better fit the student, but also offers previously inaccessible learning material to students. If seen as an investment by the schools for the benefit of the students, private technology assigned to each student would better the classroom atmosphere and improve student life just as well as money spent on a new stadium or performing arts center would. For a public school to invest such an amount into technology, would require both heavy state funding as well as a reasonable cause to do so. However, the assignment of personal device to each student is not only a reasonable course of action to improve our institutions of education, but also perfectly viable financially even for various debt ridden states across the nation. To best integrate technology into schools, Thomas Sowell’s trickle-down theory, based on economics could also be applied to schools. Schools would be stratified into socio-economic statuses and based upon test scores and current school budget would be ranked for their need of immediate technology funding. For example, schools such as Crystal Springs Uplands High School, a private, coeducational institution would automatically be able to purchase fresh devices for each of its

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