Technology And Its Impact On Modern Society

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In the past century, society has seen great leaps in technology that has connected people together more than ever, it has saved lives and continues to make day to day life simply easier to navigate. However, there are consequences to these advances. With people clamoring every year to get their hands on the newest iteration of their electronic devices, whether it be the latest iPhone, a more advanced computer or a high-definition television society must confront the problems it has created by its own desire for technology. As consumers purchase newer and better version of their old electronics the question of what happens to the old ones is raised. In 2005 alone, it was estimated that Americans disposed of two million tons of electronic products a year and that by 2010 that number would grow to four hundred million annually (Eilperin). This rate of disposal leaves behind piles of unwanted electronic devices and while many of these devices end up in junk drawers there are many more that end up in landfills where their toxic metal innards contaminate drinking water and soil. Or, devices are left to go to seed in some lonely warehouse long since abandoned by its own and there is always the possibility of devices being exported to poor countries where recycling regulations are lacks. The scope of the problem is not small as it is estimated that the hazard created by electronic waste threatens over one hundred million lives worldwide (Wood).

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