Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Technology Dominates Society
How has technology affected the everyday life of society today? Is society as social as it use to be before everyone had access to an abundance of technology? Many people believe that the answer to those questions are that society is less social and technology has had a negative impact on humans today. As technology progresses bounteously society begins to rapidly decline. The ways society is negatively impacted socially mentally and emotionally will be analyzed. To start, technology in Fahrenheit 451 had many negative effects on society[D: Position]. The narrator said, “Darkness. He was not happy. He said the words to himself He recognized the true state of affairs,”(Bradbury 12) when talking about Montags thoughts[E:quote from text]. Imagine realizing after years of living a certain lifestyle a person realizes that they hate the way it is, that is how Montag feels at this point in the plot[D: imagery]. In addition to this, the narrator also articulated “He wore his happiness like a mask,”(Bradbury 12). If a person is living in a world that is not fit for their personality then they will not be happy but might pretend to be like Montag.[D: cause and effect] They might act like they are happy so that they fit into the society they are a part of or they might be completely blind to their unhappiness because it is their normal life. Later in the plot, the operator phonated “We get these cases nine or ten a night,” (Bradbury 15).[E:

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