Technology And Its Impact On Society

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From over ten thousand years ago to what is now the Information Age, technology has grown significantly and affected not just one individual, but the whole world. The creations of technology have rapidly evolved to where humans depend on technology. They use it for their daily needs and this evidence shows these creations are a stepping-stone for future endeavours. The innovations that several people have created revolutionised the world in a major way from a light bulb and crossbows to an airplane and satellites. However, where they are positive results lie potential negative consequences and it becomes conspicuous every day. As humans become more dependent on technology over the years, society becomes interdependent. This indicates that…show more content…
While it is imperative to create innovations to make people’s tasks easier, the care for a person’s health is a priority and not a luxury. As people watch as technology becomes more advanced, the proportionality between what humans do and what technology does significantly lowers. The reliability towards many technological devices increase which influences a person’s physical health. Although this relates specifically to individual harm, it becomes clearer about the contrasting effects that can harm a person. One issue that reveals one truth in a report by USA Today is that, “[nearly] 70 percent of American adults say [they have] experienced symptoms of digital eye strain at some point in their lives” (Holmes 2014). Seeing the dependency on different technological appliances, using it several times leads to harmful effects that are permanent to one’s physical health. Although there can be arguments of positive and negative effects, a person’s health remains the most important factor over technology. Likewise, physical health is affected, but a person’s social health can become worse too. In one study on the addiction of cell phone, “73 [percent] say they felt panicked when they [lose] their phone” and “[nearly] 40 [percent] admit to checking their phone while on the
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