Technology And Its Impact On Society

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With this new glass of Merlot by my side, I sit and wonder at the amazement of technology. Each velvety sip opens me up in my corner a little more just as technology has done so for the world. But now I must go off and ponder further on into an important philosophical question of whether this technology, endless as it has come to be, should be considered as a thing that has brought out the best or the worst in society. How complex a question! Surely I could easily look back fondly and count the many ways that technology and its manifold presence has been nothing but a blessing, not only to facilitating human kind, but also our intrinsic pursuit of society. But now, as easy as that might be, it would be a more healthy venture to play the…show more content…
was knocking on the doorstep of the dangerous atomic age. The Manhattan Project, a team of the world’s best scientists, carried forth quantum theoretics into tangible technological creations of doom. We were now capable of sweeping by in an airplane and dropping atomic devices capable of wiping out miles of civilization in mere seconds.
From this turn of history’s pages, it becomes apparent how fruitful products of technological advancement can have ethically detrimental effects; though as a tenable dyadic affair: planes and bombs propagate death. But as we go on we will see that it unfortunately gets more complicated than that. At the end of World War II the United States had enthusiastically hopped onto the throne of the leading superpower. American markets and interests were vibrant. Those airplanes of yesteryear now went on to create a booming market of airlines, while the same scientific effort of war were dedicating much of their worth to producing rocketry capable of traversing into the wondrous space age. This christened the commencement of the Cold War. The U.S.S.R., who found themselves holding the role of second superpower Post-WWII, looked at us feverishly from behind the throne. This was now a race. And on the American front, technology seemed no longer a means of advancement solely in and of itself. It became a means of securing nationalistic progress over the Soviets—and subsequently
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