Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Have you ever imagined a world without technology? Have you ever imagined not being able to watch your favorite television show, play video games, snapchat on your cell phone, surf the web, and finally, the capability to video chat with friends and family? Such a world seems so harsh and cruel and non-progressive right? These are key reasons why technology is positively important to society. Frankly, technology contains the key to success, survival, and most importantly, the key to innovation and improvement. A society that continuously improves and innovates flourishingly adapts to any monumental changes. Therefore, the effects of technology greatly impact society because it improves education, improves communication, and it improves transportation. Technology greatly improves education because it gives students the opportunity to further expand their knowledge. An author named (Brewer, 2003), wrote an article in a science journal about How Information Can Improve Conservation Education. According to Brewer (2003), “Computer-based technologies can be powerful pedagogical tools in addition to being rich sources of information” (p. 657). The author (Brewer, 2003) explains that technology in the classroom will further develop students’ knowledge base by providing more tools at their disposal in order to answer questions that some teachers cannot answer. This benefits teachers because depending on the subject matter some teachers will not be able to recall the answer to a

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