Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Having been debated for as long as history serves, experts of the field are merely unanimous in denoting sociology as the current life in which interaction takes place between various members of a community and the differentiating line between man and the other community-making beings would be the progressive and purposeful nature of the interactions which is assumed to be present only with man-members. When terms such as man and progress akin each other like this, the demand for considering a genesis for the developing line seems of great significance and emergence of technology, man’s ability to utilize the tools as boons in his life, figures to function as a proper beginning. Man is supposed to have bettered his life condition in the course of history by means of the tools he has been making all over it, but has this deed ended to a development in his thought status is of salient enigma yet. Has socio-technology put man in a more refined understanding of his position in the universe and whether it has had impacts on his attempts to find his way through the plights he has been entangled in in his prevailing being is still the place of doubt and question. Modern man identifies internet as one of the most prominent boons of the age, one which has facilitated his life and the interactions within it to an utmost level. Man interacts within the net, recognizing himself as a member inside it, a simple analogy reminds us of the web spiders make around them and entrap their prays

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