Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Technology consists of a never-ending cycle of development that has been improving for many generations. Today’s generation functions on a fast-moving environment which means that technology needs to match that pace to keep up with societies ever-growing demands. Scientists and engineers are simultaneously collaborating to develop new advances for people to integrate into their lives. History tells that the first wearable technology that was ever created was the watch. People wore them to help them keep track of what time it is. Generations later, Apple created the iWatch that has all the capabilities of both a watch and a cell phone all in one convenient device that stylistically looks like a watch. The author wrote "In the beginning was Apple. All things were made by it; and without it was not anything made that was made” (Economist 1). Alongside, Samsung recently came out with the Samsung Gear VR which allows people to see the digital world in three dimensions with moving animations. With the advancement of technology people today can progress further as a society by improving efficiency and speed. For example, the iWatch has a built-in calculator for whomever may need to calculate a math problem in the real world. This technology now can contact the paramedics with a simple click of a button if there are any problems and issues, which also aides the famous example of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” The progression of technology has allowed people to keep track of

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