Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Since the dawn of time, humans have had an innate drive to innovate and revolutionize technologies that surround them in day to day life. This drive to innovate has led to technologies that have made it easier to create, manage, and exchange goods and information. Planned technological systems such as the steam powered railroad provided a widely accepted vessel which society could improve on through increased trade efficiency. On the contrary, individuals can take progress and technology too far entirely, eventually affecting people’s land, increasing pollution, and promote unfair labor. Technological systems must have guidelines in order to avoid misuse of the newly developed technologies, society must also accept the technology and all of its proposed benefits and consequences. White’s assertion that society decides whether or not a technology should advance is reflected in the development of the railroad system during the Industrial Revolution. Members of the industry sector in the United States required a transportation system that efficiently moved raw materials to factories and finished goods to market. The work of the railroad pioneers became the base of the mid century surge of industrial expansion. Railroad systems opened up a new door that led to increased productivity and expansion felt throughout the entire country. Increased liberation, mobility, and speed were hallmarks of the great railroad system; alongside employment opportunities for thousands of
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