Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Despite the belief that technology is beneficial to humanity, providing us the ability to globally connect with others and reach any sort of information with the touch of a few buttons, technology could be the potential cause of a future breakdown in society. The more we begin to rely on technology, the less we feel the need to partake in real world activities. We do not need to see an individual to speak with them; we only need to send a text message to communicate with them. We do not need to read a book to procure its information; we only need to search its title online to find its plot summary. While the constant availability of technology has helped growth in many fields of society, it does present some drawbacks, possibly stunting intellect and harming mental health. Where technology once before acted solely as a connection tool, inviting us to involve our lives with those of others around the world, it has slowly turned to both a connection and an isolation tool. In her 2012 TedTalk “Connected, but Alone,” Dr. Turkle, a professor with a Ph.D. in Sociology and Personality Psychology, agrees that technology is detaching us from human interaction, stating that technology allows us to “put our attention wherever we want it to be; …always be heard; and…never have to be alone” (TEDTalks). Dr. Turkle believes that we turn to technology for attention because, unlike the real world, there is always someone or something in the virtual world available to listen to or to

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