Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Industry members need to be able to keep up with technological advances as they develop. In today’s society technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Technological factors are defined into products and processes and effect both internal and external environments. Technological processes like updated information systems, automated equipment and business processes have the ability to increase profit margins, reduces cost, increase efficiency and sustainability. As technological processes advance so does the need for increased training for industry members and their employees. Companies can’t expect a system to work and provide positive results without knowledgeable personnel using them. When state of the art automated equipment comes out for assembling vehicles it is important to know how they work and what benefits will be received. Additionally this goes for mechanics at dealerships as well. As cars become more sophisticated through computer chips and software, auto mechanics need to be trained in how to work on the latest technologies without causing damage to the vehicle’s main system. Lori Surzyn, a business manager for a Ford dealership in Tucson states “companies end up hiring “sync’s” to teach workers how to use these new technologies” (Lori Surzyn, personal communication, November 08, 2015). The most current technological products are an industry member’s tool for gaining a competitive advantage. Consumer trends keep in line with just released technologies. By adding

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