Technology And Its Impact On Society

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The technology is creating a generation capable of communication and understanding different cultures and belief. The technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose. It machinery and equipment developed from such as scientific knowledge. Humans have lived for thousands of years without any technology in small hunter gatherer communities, but now we have all of this technology and the population on Earth has exploded and will not stop anytime soon. “Society seems enthralled by the new technology and fails to see the negative impacts of this modern day life.”1 Even though communication may be easier, the negative impacts seem to be piling up. Though technology has a positive impact on society, it has created a…show more content…
Technology has the potential to either make or break us. Every day we use technology one way or another and every single day technology advances. Which is just wanting to be connected to devices and they think they actually need physical exercise too. A negative thing for human is their thinking ability to gets weak sometimes makes us lazy, stupid and even unhealthy. Our smartphones have essentially destroyed our ability to concentrate, encouraging us to leap from one application to another for any bit of entertainment. “Here are the phenomena of teen is that their starts with the devices and their days end with devices which mean their brain work in same activity.”3 They don’t go to sleep early. Teenagers only take 6-7 hours’ sleep, which is not good for teenagers, so teenagers are stressed like in relationships, school works, and athletic performance. The same activity effects on next day in their study whole day. So students receive a poor grade. Not focusing in class. They don’t finish their homework. Some side effects when it comes to the development of kids some believe that there will not be a need for handwriting in the future. “Student clearly spends too much time on technology at young ages it’s like the devices have magnetic devices. The abuse of technologies can lead to vision problems and hearing problems.”3 3. "Are Advancements in Technology Good or Bad?" Are
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