Technology And Its Impact On Student Life

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Rapid technological advancement has had a profound impact on student life, both in and outside of the classroom. Institutions have been experimenting with various new learning methods and increasing the availability of online education. Another area within higher education that has been impacted by technology is academic advising. A recent study (Thompson & Prieto, 2013) compares the effectiveness of virtualized academic advisement with traditional face-to-face advising. Thompson and Prieto (2013) begin the article by stressing the importance of quality academic advising in retaining students. They argue that faculty members are not incentivized to provide advisement services, and that many institutions feel that it is too expensive to hire professional advisors. As a result, many schools are now looking to virtualized academic advisement, which is a feasible alternative but not necessarily the best for students. Thompson et al. (2013) conducted a study of 121 students at a historically black college in the Southern United States. They were interested in studying student satisfaction with their advisors, and if virtual advising can replicate the same satisfaction as face-to-face advising. The secondary focus of the study is the advisory influence on student motivation, and also the student 's financial situation in the advisement relationship. The study found that students who had a positive advisement relationship viewed their advisor as an ally and a source of support.
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