Technology And Its Impact On Technology

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Introduction In today’s world, everything relies on technology. Technology has aided in making day to day life simpler, as well as keep us all connected. Organizations today continue to grow using the newest technological advancements. The use of technology can help mold the foundation for which a company is able to grow, but it can also be the very cause of the same company’s demise. It is for that reason that an organization should take appropriate actions to protect its Information Systems (IS) against any vulnerability. An information system is made up of many parts with each having its own areas of weakness. The best practice is to understand how each area is vulnerable, and adjust the protocols to limit the damages that could occur.…show more content…
There are two major threats to physical security. They are physical and human. Physical treats are events that are due to nature, such as fires, or earthquakes that damage the structure that houses the IS (fig1). Another form of physical threat but on a smaller scale would be power surges that can cause temporary loss of data. Limiting physical threats is fairly simple. The first thing is to select a facility. When selecting a facility, the location must be taken into consideration. Preparations have to be made to make sure that the building can withstand the known natural occurrences for the region. Making sure that the building is up to fire code is also very important. Hardware vulnerability is defined as “a weakness in a computer system that enables attacks through remote or physical access to system hardware” (Haughn & Rouse). Vulnerabilities arise when there is some type of user interaction in which code can be introduced to the system. Humans are just as important to any IS as the technology used to make it run. They are also the biggest threat to physical security. This threat, also known as insider threat may be intimal or accidental. In order to monitor the human threat, an organization must make sure they have a good human resources department. Human resources (HR) will determine how much staffing is required for each area, and what level of training is required (Information Systems Infrastructure). Mandated training
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