Technology And Its Impact On Technology

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Improvements - Almost all electronics have received major advances in the way they look, perform, and even their size. Phones have received some the biggest upgrades in recent years as far as electronics go. Another area that has improved vastly is gaming consoles, gaming is now faster than ever. Personal computers have, of course, continued to improve as they always have. A newer electronic device that has not only appeared since the early 2000 's but has also made major improvements since then is the tablet. Moore 's law states that every two years the number of transistors will double on a given computer chip. This is not true as we are nearing the limits of size. We are however still finding innovative new tech to come out. Some of the frontrunners in the tech world are Microsoft, Apple, and Sony just to name a few. These companies take getting new tech into the hands of their consumers a priority. Computer Chips - Behind every computer device whether it is phones, tablets, desktops, or pretty much anything in or near that category is run by a computer chip. As computer chips have advanced so have the devices that they are in. Better chips leads to faster computers and more data storage. In addition, being able to make smaller chips that do the same if not more work allows hardware companies to make more compact devices that are more travel friendly. We are nearing the limits of how small we can make transistors however and in order to continue advancing at the rate
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