Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

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Technology is used daily in businesses and in homes. The most useful is business technology because without the people in the background creating and developing the technology, there would not be any technology at home. There is a variety of different modules in developing technology and its encryptions that prevents the systems data from being public to anyone to use for their own personal use. In this report, I will be reporting what I researched about a specific company that has pros and cons just like any other company. The Systems, Applications, and Products company is a company built from a group of people that did not like how a certain system was set up. Instead of this group of people complaining about the system and not doing anything about it; they decided to solve the problems themselves by branching out of that company and creating their own. The SAP company is constantly growing and is still to this day the number one company with Oracle following not too far behind. These companies, like many others like them, have developed a way to make normally hard processes simpler.
The Systems, Applications, and Products company is a German multinational software company that is used to make enterprise resource planning software. Companies use enterprise resource planning (ERP) to manage and integrate the most important parts of business such as planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. The Systems, Applications, and Products ERP
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